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Minecraft Adventure Maps

2011-10-03 18:51:58 by QueenSeason

I'm not sure why there isn't a section for them here, they seem right up the user base's alley, but whatever. Dunno how many people visit my NG profile but if you happen to be passing by I'd really appreciate if you could tell me:

Do you know what Minecraft Adventure Maps are?
What do you think of them generally?
Know of any really great ones? Or just features of one that you generally enjoy?

I've got a pretty solid concept for one going with someone I know. The whole planning and creating process will probably be crazy long, so anything I could do to make all that time and effort worth it in the end would be just wonderful.



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2012-01-04 08:53:57

I understand Madame that this undeniably, and in all probability to be of any use to you. However I stumbled upon what is some rather amazing artwork you have here and thought I'd take a look at your profile.

On the topic of Adventure Maps?

Yes, I know what they are. Generally they are maps or modded maps with a story or objective.

Generally? They aren't my cup of tea, but that's mainly based off my answer to your third question.

Any greats ones I've seen? No. Either the puzzles are too easy, too impossible, or downright boring. Seems a difficult thing to get right, the balance that is.

If you are still working on the Adventure Map you are making, or if you've finished it, please do tell, or link to a download. I am very curious to see it.

The Yeti.


2012-06-16 22:45:29

Just makin sure but, ur Queen from steam right?